Picture Portfolio No. 1: Babe Ruth

Let’s try something different here at Our Game. A favorite feature of many readers these past three years has been the copious illustration accompanying articles about the Grand Old Ball Game Game. Moreover, I have found that when I post a link to a new story on Twitter or Facebook the response is polite but generally muted–a seated ovation, if you will. Only a few posts have generated thousands of visitors on the very first day. On the other hand, when I post an image or a film clip directly to a social-media site, folks are really enthusiastic. Where did you get that? they ask. That’s amazing, they exclaim. Encore! they demand.

You get the picture. Or rather, now you will, untrammeled by that pesky erudition and bloviation. Or at least occasionally you will: a post of slimly captioned, themed images without an accompanying article. Until I hit upon the congenial format, let’s look at fifteen pictures per post. For this first foray, why don’t we start with the biggest name in all of baseball history, Babe Ruth.


Bravo, John!

Your articles resonant with me. I particularly enjoyed your story about Woodrow Wilson’s fantasy baseball league and our President’s brush with baseball through the ages. Keep ’em coming!

I try to imagine who would come closer to the popularity he had in the 1920’S. Great pics of the greatest sports icon ever.

Great pictures-several I’ve never seen before

The first modern swing. In 1919 virtually no one swung the bat like him. Balls disappeared over the fence just like golf balls off the tee. He worked on this swing for years, and, because he was a pitcher, was allowed to. He did so because he enjoyed it. Fans flocked to see a homer… or a strikeout. Today, virtually every batter at every level swings exactly like him. (Or tries to…)

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